Kalendārs 2016 "Pārdaugava toreiz - pašreiz" - Calendar Pārdaugava back then-now


Price (EUR):5.00
Publisher:Karšu veikals Jāņa sēta
Language:Latvian, English
The calendar provides a monthly opportunity to find out something new about Riga, Pārdaugava and Āgenskalns back then – more than 75 years ago – and today.

The author of the contemporary pictures in the calendar studied and analysed the old pictures to find the precise viewpoint from which they had been taken. Looking at both the historic and the contemporary pictures it is possible to see and compare the tiniest changes that have happened in the particular place where the pictures have been taken. The composition of the contemporary pictures is not accidental either. It is strictly subjected to the old picture taking into account the season and the hour of the day thus emphasising the changes of the environment that have taken place since the old pictures were made.