Rīga līdz ar apvidu / M.Siliņš, Rīga 1896, (faksimilizdevums) - Riga and its Surroundings, 1896, Facsimile copy


Price (EUR):10.00
Publisher:Karšu veikals Jāņa sēta
Pages/Scale:1:13 000
  • Riga and its Surroundings / by M. Silinsh, Riga, 1896 scale ~ 1:13 000, 50x67 cm.
  • Matiss Silinsh (1861-1942) was the first Latvian cartographer and map publisher. From 1889 until 1898 he published “Atbalss Kalendārs”, a magazine that contained extensive information on the geography and history of Latvia, supplimented with various cartographic materials. Matiss Silinsh was also an ethnographer, collector and systematizer of folk art objects. From 1903, he was a curator of the Latvia’s Open-Air Museum, but from 1924 till 1934 a manager of the History Museum of Latvia.
  • During his life, Matiss Silinsh published sixteen maps. “Riga and its Surroundings” was the first map of Riga in the Latvian language published by a Latvian cartographer.